Language Division launches inaugural online Hoocak exercises

By Ardith Van Riper

     The Hoocak Waazija Haci Language Division developed a self-guided, self-paced, language learning experience called the Hoocak Online Independent Targeted Exercises (HOIT’E) Program.  Lessons began April 6, runs eight weeks, and geared towards beginner level Hoocak language learners.

     “Everyone at the division right now has played a big role in getting these lessons out there,” stated Henning Garvin. “The goal was to provide quality content in a stress free manner so that people could learn at their own pace and hopefully find some comfort and peace during these uncertain times.”

     The HOIT’E program presents one module per week, and the modules provide foundational concepts of the Hoocak Language.  By the end of the course, learners will be able to understand and use some basic everyday words and phrases.

     Resources required for learners to participate are an internet connection,, ZOOM, and Facebook. 

     A video released on Mondays deliver essential messages on the week’s module.  Three messages relayed include the learning targets for the module, a language demonstration, and how to access additional language support throughout the week.

     The Language Division utilizes the video conferencing program ZOOM to connect Eminent Speakers and language instructors with online learners.  A free download is available at 

     Three ZOOM times are scheduled for each week, but learners are not required to attend all three unless they feel it valuable.  The first is Thursday at 10:00 AM when Eminent Speakers and instructors provide pronunciation and give real work applications.  The instructors provide question and answer sessions during the second and third meetings.

     All participants, other than the Eminent Speakers and instructors, are muted and must use the ‘chat’ function while in the ZOOM video conferences.  This ensures that all participants have an opportunity to have their questions answered by the Eminent Speakers or instructors.

     Instructors include Angelica Greendeer, Dana DeBoer, Jerod Stacy, and Henning Garvin.

     “Everyone continues to provide their help either directly with instruction and material development, or indirectly through providing ideas, feedback, and a lot of encouragement,” explained Garvin.  “This has been a great team effort, and everyone has been vital to what we’ve been doing.”

     All materials are available through the Language Division website at and all content will remain up for the duration of the program. Questions can be emailed to