Winter Camp 2018

By Heritage Preservation

On January 26, the Heritage Preservation Dept. hosted an evening of waika or winter stories. More than 70 people filled the cozy ciiporoke and listened to short tales from Ms. Josephine Lee and Mr. Gordon Thunder.

The following day, many gathered to visit Winter Camp 2018 behind the Ho-Chunk Nation’s Executive Office Building. A variety of featured crafts were demonstrated and explained as guests went from onlookers to full participants, pounding ash, scraping hides, singing songs, and playing games.

Heritage Preservation believes in building strong Ho-Chunk identities with inclusive events and encouraging atmosphere. A strong identity builds confidence that will carry well through school, work, and life. We appreciate all those who donate and volunteer their services or wisdom to each camp.

“These events are really investments into our youth. Those are going to be our caretakers when we get old,” says Eliza Green (Cooni Maani) of Heritage Preservation. “It’s all about them.”


The Heritage Preservation Department express our deepest gratitude to all who have made Winter Camp 2018 a memorable experience for all those who joined us. We’d like to share a list of contributors although there are so many behind the scenes individuals to whom without their help, the event wouldn’t have been the success it was.

If we forgot to mention anyone, we certainly didn’t mean anything by that. Our teachings have always told us the Creator and Spirits know you have done well for others and will take care of each of you for that.

Winter Camp 2018 Recognition

1. Heritage Preservation, Language (Henning Garvin, Dana DeBoer, Randall Blackdeer II, Kirsten Day), Veterans, Enrollment, Cultural Resources, Museum
2. Donations from Health (Bluetooth speaker, KT gift cards, Fitbit2), Legislature (Seminole doll basket, stained-glass feather, beaded eagle design belt buckle, Velma Lewis oblong basket, beaded dream catcher and $20), Office of the President (gift bags and wristbands), DNR (firewood) Dan Libke (venison), Perry Carrimon (venison, pork, ham), Jean Stacy-Snow (meat & cheeses), Katie Funmaker (hot water), April Daniels (earrings), Samantha Skenandore (pizza), Margaret “Muggs” Garvin (frybread and Great Seal medallion), Richard & Cheri Snake (necklace & earring set), Adrienne Thunder (2 pairs beaded earrings, Pendleton purse, coral necklace), Erwin & Faye Begay (4 pr screenprint socks, 6 golf balls w/Native design, 2 mens sweatshirts, 2 coffee mugs/screenprinted coaster sets, 2 Native print baseball caps, 1 Native design belt buckle, 4 Unite as One notecards sets, 2 t-shirts), Josie Lee (yarn garters), Heritage Preservation (exercise set basket), Ken Lewis-Business (10 Great Seal patches, 40 black HCN lanyards, 25 round black beaded lanyard attachments, 15 brown/turquoise dream catchers), ECWP (3 Ho-Chunk girls dresses, 1 applique towel set, 2 golf cart towels, 3 hoodie scarves, 1 beanie cap, 11 earrings sets, 4 necklace/earrings sets, DVD player, 3 drum sticks, 1 t-shirt, 1 bear towel rack, 2 cap/scarves & mitten sets, 1 polka dot picture frame)   
3. Department of Housing (social tent), Elder Work Program (Richard Snake, Gladys Ebata, and Dale Littlejohn), Treasury, Maintenance workers, Admin/Facilities workers, Labor (Curtis Redbird)
4. Presenters
- Roger Littlegeorge
- Levi Blackdeer
- Verna Blackdeer
- Henning Garvin
- Kjetil Garvin
- Josephine Lee
- Gordon Thunder
- Dale Littlejohn
- Ian Littlejohn
- Lawrence Walker, Jr.
- Paula Cleveland
- ThunderBear Singers

Peezega Woogijerenaak haanacexji wa’iginapwi wahajee!