School mural created to emphasize the inclusion of all people

By Ken Luchterhand

Two murals have been created by art students at Jack Young Middle School in Baraboo with a donation of $500 by the Ho-Chunk Nation.
One of the murals emphasized unity across all races and cultures.
“The two school murals have been completed and have been hung in the main entrance and hallway of Jack Young Middle School,” said art teacher Tim Znidarsich. “They look fantastic.  Come check it out.”
The money from the Ho-Chunk Nation paid for four 4 x 8 ft. sheets of plywood for the murals, a lot of paint and brushes, drop cloths, and for polyurethane, which seals the mural and protects it from damage. 
“The art club students and classroom students had a blast working on the two murals and we are so proud of their accomplishments,” Znidarsich said.  
“When I first worked with and was approached by the parent support group about this project and we discussed the murals, there were a few things that we talked about.  I was told that the Ho-Chunk Nation was willing to help out financially, with a grant, in creating the murals,” he said.
The art club is very large and students from all races and ethnic backgrounds were able to participate, including Native American students, which reinforces the message of inclusion of all people, he said.
 “The discussion of the topic or theme for the murals was school diversity and inclusiveness and to celebrate our school as a community,” Znidarsich said.  
“Thank you, everyone, for your continued support of the arts, my program, and our students,” he said. “Again, thank you to the Ho-Chunk Nation for the generous donation and support.”