BRFHS Teacher’s Aide Resigns after Racist Remarks to a Ho-Chunk Student

By Kaili Berg

     A Ho-Chunk student is speaking out after a video circulating on social media has led to a Black River Falls School District Aide publically apologizing and officially resigning.

     Black River Falls School District confirms the staff member has resigned.

     The video circulating showed the aide, Laura Sahr, saying to student, Naomi Thunder: “I don’t care if you get a D minus. You’re Native, right? Collect your check. You don’t have to give two (expletive) about your future. So, why should I care?”

     Black River Falls School District student population is more than 20 percent Native American. Issues like this have led to more students speaking out on issues being faced within the community.

     “We are deeply sorry that this has happened and we are committed to the success of all our students and expect all staff members to uphold that commitment each and every day,” said Shelly Severson, Superintendent of BRFSD.

     According to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, Sahr’s teaching license is currently under investigation.